Top Online Payment Alternatives To PayPal

When it comes to online payment transactions, PayPal definitely comes on top of the list. It’s a secure, reputable, and fast payment processor that allows you to send and receive payments in a breeze.

PayPal also has become a reliable platform for many digital entrepreneurs that want a solid system for payments. PayPal sure has the best user experience, intuitive interface, easy invoicing, payments processing and reporting, plus other useful eCommerce tools that allow you to transact without the hassle. Many people have been used to PayPal which leaves everything else dimmed in the shadows. There are different PayPal alternatives in the market which also deserves attention and could be worth a try especially because of the competitive rates.

PayPal is considered the top and most popular choice but it also has its downsides. This has become an avenue for alternative payment processors to step up their game and compete with the major player in the industry. Here are top online payment alternatives to PayPal that is worth checking out:

  • Payoneer

Shopping with Payoneer is very fast and convenient. Users are also provided a free debit card plus an online account. It’s very easy to set up an account and you can integrate this quickly into your website for receiving payments. Payment processing is faster and this is available to use in most countries. The only downside with this platform is it needs improvement in the customer service arena and also has fees incurred for using the ATM.

  •  Google Wallet.

This is by far the best choice available if you are looking to shop online because you can easily store your credit and debit cards in one place. This is great for people who are always on the move because you can use your smartphone to spend payments when shopping online as well as in physical stores. You can also send and receive payments quickly with this platform. The downsides we see in this platform are that this is limited to just Android and iPhone users for now. Also, only users from the United States can use Google Wallet.

  • Skrill

Formerly known as Moneybookers, this is by far the strongest competitor around as far as services is concerned. This facilitates global financial transactions that are also featured on eBay, Skype, and some popular online betting sites. Your funds can also be easily transferred to a Skrill prepaid MasterCard so you can shop anytime and anywhere. Rates are very competitive. The only downside is that it charges a dormant account fee and also has higher fees for sending as compared to PayPal.

The best PayPal alternative actually depends on your purpose for getting a payment processor. Is it for personal money transfers or for business use? The reality is a lot of PayPal users maintain their loyalty with the platform because of the excellent user experience and services that it provides. There may have been some glitch but all other platforms have its flaws. Ultimately, you have to use a PayPal alternative that allows you to save money while enjoying fast and reliable services.

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